The Guthix Crusader's Clan Website

This is a clan that follows guthix, and parties. We also pk, and have clan events. This is mainly a f2p clan, but members are welcome to join also! This is a clan 45+ combat if you want a combat related rank, but if you want a skill related rank you have to be 45+ in that skill and the only exceptions are decided by the clan leader, and only the clan leader.
the rules (in no particular order)
Follow all of Jagex's rules.
2)Follow Guthix.
3)No substituting swear words.
4)Be honest.
5)Be trustworthy.
6)Follow guthix.
7)Respect the fellow clan members.
8)No multi-clanning.
9)No ruining the clan's reputation.
10)No begging.
11)Don't abuse the clan member's kindness.
12)Be nice.
13)Come to at least 75% of the clan events.

                                                                                                                    Clan News
10-12-I am completely re-doing the clan! I am raising the required combat level to 80+ melee, 75 range, and 75 mage; but if you are already in, you'll still be in, so don't worry! Remember, if you recruit somebody for the clan show them the clan rules.

Against popular belief, we are not in-active and I didn't step down, no one fit the position, I am still the leader of the clan, owner and admin of the website, and still playing rs. Well, on to what i was going to announce, we are going to have a group skilling trip, the skill, woodcutting. We will have at world 141, draynor willows, 11am Central Time. If anyone doesn't have 30 woodcut, contact me. Also, you high level woodcutters are out there saying, "why is he supporting the low lvls, what about the high lvl woodcutters?" Well, I say to that, firstly, because I have to think about the whole clan, not just a small portion of it. Secondly, willows are the fastest wc exp in-game. Thirdly, draynor willows, while being the most crowded willows spot in f2p, is the closest to the bank.

Sorry to all my clan members, but there was something urgent in my family. For compensation we will have a fishing trip this saturday, world 16 Karamja Dock, 11am Central time.

We are going to have a clan skilling trip, the skill this time will be fishing. We will meet at karamja dock, world 16, at July second NOON Central timezone. So bring your lobster pots, harpoons, and nets, because we're going fishing.

We are having a pk trip Saturday the 16, world 38. This is mandatory, We will meet at 12pm (noon) central timezone. So buckle your belts, strap on your shields, and ready your weapons for the pk trip.

We had a significant number of people show up to the war. We dealt a large amount of damage to the enemy so they ran away and gave up. We won the war.

The Warriors of Light have been founded by a former member, well i talked to them and then they say it is war. So this is mandatory. We will fight at 2pm Central time on Saturday World 38. We will met before-hand at edgeville, 1:30pm central time, this part is  mandatory. We will have the war at the chaos temple in the wild. Bring str pots and your best armor for war!
Here is a war plan that everyone needs to follow. war plans1.TIF

We are having a clan meeting Sunday at 1pm central time. This is mandatory.

Gasolina64 has been such an active, nice, contributing clan member that he has been promoted to the coveted rank of Co. Leader!

The Ice Blade Clan just surrendered! We won the war!

We had an amazing number of people join yesterday and today! we had about 5 people join. For that we are celebrating it with a pk trip Saturday at noon central time, read more about it on our announcements forums.

4-25- Counting how many inactive clan members we have, and are on my friends list, we are doing a clean-sweep for in-active members. Any members that have been inactive for more than three weeks will be deleted. If you are going to be gone on vacation for three weeks or more, notify the clan leader, Ebaywizard11.              

                                                                             WEBSITE RULES:
1:No leet speak
2:Use proper language
3:No swearing
4:No discussing rule breaking "fan" websites
5:Admins have the power to delete posts breaking the rules
6:No talking about in-appropriate stuff in the forums
7:No showing off
8:When posting a topic there should be no un-needed marks, ex:W00000000t!!!!!!!!!!!
the un-needed marks are the extra zeros and the exclmation points.
9:No posting applications in the guest book
10:No dis-respecting members
11:No spamming whatsoever.
12:When posting an application, just because you are a high level don't expect to get special treatment. Or get a high rank, or I will personally get my level112 friend on your hiney.
13:No breaking any of jagex's rules on this website

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